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Boosting your success in direct sales

with 15 years of experience

Fiska\Group offers its clients personal and customized long-term consulting
Having developed significant expertise over the past 15 years, Fiska\Group supports direct sales companies in their national and international progress. 
Today, the group is a strategic ally for every direct sales company. 
Our professional and trustworthy commitment accounts for the continuous growth and loyalty of our clients, aware of the many advantages they can benefit throughout the years.
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You are a foreign company, seeking to extend onto the European market, a SME or a Start-Up, in the process of assessing its expansion strategies, FiskaGroup will assist you from the very beginning. Our accounting, social and tax expertise for multiple european countries, can  pillar your decision making on defining the most suited legal status and location of the company. On top of the consulting we undertake all the needed administrative steps for our clients.

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FiskaEst supports its customers throughout all accounting and reporting procedures in France.

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At FiskaGroup we are convinced that everybody achieves excellence in his job. Your objective beeing to reach the best commercial business performance, we will manage your social obligations with the concerned authorities, for you and for you Direct Sellers. Therefore FiskaGroup provides its services, taking care of the social contributions processes in the country of establishement of your company.

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FiskaGroup is a reference in the world of direct sales. Since the beginning, we accompany direct seller in their quests and administrative steps. Our  support service is the councelling of every direct seller and client, linked to the parent company. FiskaGroup is where it should be: beside the VDI’s, which are responssible for their own succes, as well as for the company clients one.
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The very structure of direct sales requires specific IT-solutions adapted to the activity. FiskaGroup is forerunner in the development of its FiskaSoft and FiskaNet softwares, adapted to the strucutres of the companies and it’s representatives, therefore heightenning the collaboration between them. The FiskaGroup softwares do not only enable the commercial performance of the consultants, but also the administrative management of tax obligations and social contributions.

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Every successful business requires an efficient order management. And each implementation of a direct selling structure, needs a thorough assessment of the companys order processes. FiskaGroup offers its customers exactly this service; the complete processing of orders and reclamations through its distribution center.

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