12 bis Rue Pergolese |75116 | Paris | France

Since 2002

CCC Deutschland is an expert in French-German taxation and international growth and as such, a reliable door-opener to Germany.
Accounting and taxation questions are often complex and time intensive, in addition to ever changing tax regulations. They require serious analysis and every decision making needs to be thought through, as well as the impact of potential consequences. Despite the existence of international standards, most company accounts do not follow the same rules, which results in company costs being calculated based on regional standards. 

We offer a wide range of consulting services for European taxation, always considering the newest developments, and also cover the whole range of services offered by a tax adviser.
In light of our proximity to the border, our specialized French-German employees, will assist you in responding to questions and assist you in your project, adapted to your needs and the desired evolution of your company. 

Our business languages are French, German and English.

Our Services

Consulting and
and bilances
Tax declaration
Private tax returns
Company tax returns
Assistance on Transfer
of businesses and consulting related to creating, closing or transferring a company 
of tax audits
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