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Since 2008

In a familiar and professional atmosphere, the accounting firm FISKA-Est is welcoming you. Being very attentive to your needs, we will recommand you the most suited solutions. FISKA-Est is specialized in the direct selling industry, partner of the french Fédération de la Vente Directe.
We support and consult Multi-Level-Marketing companies and independent direct-sellers whishing to establish their own company.
Key words: reactivity, availability, reliability, quality, competence and especially closeness to you.
Fiska-Est carries out legal and contractual audits across numerous sectors.

Our services: Business creation, Account optimisation, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Sozialleistungen (Salaries, VAT statements), Balance sheet

Specific audits
Solvency Audit
Audits on the use of ressources
Audit in case of capital increase and in-kind contributions
Audits in case of creation
Audits in case of mergers or changes
Company evaluations 
Financial and salary accounting
Preparation of social statements, tax on wages and turnover
Establishement of annual accounts and calculation of revenue, calculation of costs
Establishement and maintaining of internal accounting systems to the company.
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