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Direct selling specialist

Since 2006

From the creation to the implementation of your direct selling business in France, Fiska\France supports you personally and professionally on all needed actions on behalf of taxation and social legislation.
More than a consultant: we emphasize reliability and personalized support and set up for success in all different stages of the development of your company.
Our years of expertise and our commitment in this area, and our contribution on social legislation and taxation of the VDI-Status, "Vendeur à Domicile Indépendant", provide an essential support for the growth optimization of your company.

Our services for companies

of a new company

in new markets

of responsibility

on financing and banking procedures
on the most suited legal structure 

for direct sellers


- Declaration of the beginning of an activity - Receiving a Siret Number - business closure and clearance - calculation of pension money - calculation of social security - payroll calculation - listing of commissions - activity dashboard - Hotline - FiskaNet

Tax processes

- income tax returns - tax on property and companies (CFE) or application for exemption - European Service Declaration (DES) - application for European VAT-Number


- Wages - Commercial Agent Contract - For Employment Agency - For Family Fund

Law Support

- Finance Law - Tax Law - Work Law

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