Accounting is essential for companies to fulfill their tax obligations and is also a valuable tool for managing their activities.

Each year, companies, except micro-companies, must draw up their annual accounts at the end of the financial year: balance sheet, income statement and annexes.

// FISKA\Est assists you on all your accounting steps:

Record-keeping for your accounting documents, including purchase and sales invoices
Preparing your sales invoices to comply with current standards
Monitoring and valuing the elements that comprise the company's assets and liabilities
Preparing your annual accounts
Reporting your income

Any inaccurate or fictitious accounting is liable to automatic taxation by the tax authorities, with a penalty of up to €500,000 fine and 5 years imprisonment.


How can you keep your accounts?

Our commitments

FISKA\Est accompanies and advises company managers every day to enable them to meet their various obligations: accounting, taxation, social and payroll, company creation/takeover projects…

Maintain a trust-based relationship grounded in ethics
Ensure rigor and organization in managing our clients' accounts
Stay current with legislative changes
To be agile and responsive

With us, you can master and perfectly execute exercices, entries, accounting balance sheets, P&L Statement, forecasts, and declarations to the administrations, all in accordance with the legislation.

Our solutions

// Take your first steps into accounting
with Pretty Cash!

Discover accounting with ease using Pretty Cash. Our FISKA\Soft team has developed this intuitive application for efficient activity management, featuring simple invoice and mileage entry on your smartphone.

To get Pretty Cash, become a member of Le Club By.

// European Declaration of Services

Our firm FISKA\France – specialized in the accompaniment of the actors of Direct Sales – helps you to carry out the European declaration of services. The DES  (European Declaration of Services) corresponds to a document summarizing the operations carried out between a French company and companies established in other countries of the European Union. Through our telephone assistance, in a few minutes, get all the answers to your questions!

// Is the balance sheet required?

// What is the difference between the balance sheet and the income statement?

// What is the forecast?

FISKA\Est, with its proven expertise and client trust, not only assists with accounting and compliance but also provides strategic advisory services to support your business decisions.