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Every company or self employed person will eventually face legal related challenges.

Occasional research of legal documents: regulatory texts, jurisprudence...
The law concerning your activity and its operation
The realization of a process or the drafting of a legal document
The choice or change of your legal status

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The choice and writing of your status

The writing of the articles of association depends on the legal form you wish to choose for your company. If you choose a sole proprietorship (EI), an individual limited liability company (EIRL) or a micro-business, you do not need to draft articles of association!

SARL or EURL, Limited liability company
SA, Limited company
SASU, Single-member simplified joint stock company
SNC, Collective name company
SCI, Civil Real Estate Company

Rely on our legal department to choose the status that best suits your situation and take the necessary steps with them.

Company Creation

During the creation of a company, the legal aspect intervenes at several stages: choice and drafting of the statutes, registration, trademark registration…

So many steps in which the support of a legal expert can be useful!

The choice of the legal and fiscal regime
Executing a forecast
Search for funding
Executing administrative formalities

Brand registration

A brand and its element/s can take several forms:

verbal: a word, a noun
figurative: a logo, a drawing
sound: a musical hook, a piece of music

Once your trademark is registered, it will be protected for a period of ten years, renewable. The organization in charge of listing all the elements of industrial property, trademarks, patents, designs and models is the INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property.

Our legal expert FISKA\France accompanies you in the filing, withdrawal or renunciation of your trademark and of course of the procedures with the INPI.

The fee agreements

The fee agreement is a contract between the service provider and the client.

Generally, a fee agreement is established in three cases: when an agreement is made with a lawyer, with a notary and between companies of the same group.

The purpose of this contract is to determine, from the beginning of the relationship, the conditions of treatment of the file by the professional.

With the legal expert FISKA\France, and its partners of the Law, be serene and benefit from an accompaniment in the drafting and the rereading of your agreement of fees.

The subcontracting agreement

The subcontracting or service provision contract defines the relationship between a professional and a service provider when the professional is not able to perform the service himself. It is important to choose your subcontractors and to check with the FISC and the administrations via your SIRET number.

Indeed, in the case of a subcontracting contract, a co-responsibility is established, i.e. in case of a problem on the part of the subcontractor, you are also concerned.

The legal expert FISKA\France and its legal partners draw up for you a personalized contract of subcontracting.

The legal act

A juridical act allows you to intentionally manifest your will to achieve certain legal effects, i.e. which have legal consequences.

You should know that any certificate can be a legal act:

For the bank
For the clerk's office, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA), the Departmental Registration Service (SDE), the Business Tax Service (SIE)
For any part
For the drafting of employment contracts, end of contract contracts or amendments to employment contracts

The legal act may :

Create rights

Turn off rights

Editing rights

Transferring rights

Claim your rights and call on the FISKA\France team to carry out your legal acts.

Specific mailings

The drafting of legal letters allows you to assert your rights with various organizations, but also with third parties.

That is why it is advisable to respect a certain method in the drafting.


With FISKA\France, writing your letters becomes child’s play! Whether they are to be addressed to an official body, a public administration, a co-contractor or any company/organization, we help you in the drafting, the rereading and/or the reformulation of your letters.