Professional Associations

FVD - Direct Selling Federation

Created in 1966, the Direct Sales Federation is now the representative body for Direct Sales companies, to develop and gain recognition for this distribution channel in France.
Currently, the FVD has 50 partners and over 130 member companies.

It offers commercial and legal support to its group, while helping with its competences to develop, make evolve and recognize the activity of the direct sale.

BDD - Federal Association of Direct Selling Germany

The Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland (BDD), the German Direct Selling Association, was founded in 1967 and represents the economic, political and legal interests of its members. As a major player in the German direct selling scene, the BDD is also responsible for providing information about the direct selling industry and representing it in public relations and the press.

SELDIA - The European Direct Selling Association

Founded in 1968, Seldia represents the Direct Selling industry on a European scale. It unites and represents more than 25 national direct selling associations as well as numerous member MLM companies, in order to federate them and promote exchanges between them. Seldia defends the interests and advantages of direct selling actors before the European institutions.

Banking & Insurance

Banque populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne

Established in the local economic fabric and faithful to its cooperative values, Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne is a major player in the economic and social life of the regions.
Thanks to a close human relationship, a short decision-making circuit and a greater digitalization of their offers and services, Banque Populaire offers its individual customers and their families complete banking and insurance services that are accessible online. At the side of entrepreneurs to help them develop and perpetuate their activity.


The insurer for direct selling and MLM.
Dedicated to direct sales networks for more than 50 years, Quadrivium informs and assists you with your insurance needs related to your activity. With them, you benefit from solutions and advantages negotiated for your full-time or part-time activity.

Travel & Aviation


They have distinguished themselves over the years by their ability to adapt but also their involvement for members. Tourcom is a real player in tourism that adapts and anticipates your needs.


Airline company of the Grand Duché de Luxembourg based at the airport of Luxembourg-Findel in Senningerberg. Luxair’s activities are diverse: passenger transport, tour operator, business aircraft.

IATA - International Air Transport Association

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a global association of the majority of the world’s passenger and cargo airlines, with nearly 240 members.

The IATA accreditation is a guarantee of quality and security for the client. In order to obtain it, any agency must provide solid financial guarantees. We have obtained the IATA accreditation in order to allow our clients to travel in the best conditions.