Creator of your tailor-made trips and travels

Bringing you new services and supporting you in your daily life are our priorities, which is why we have created a travel agency to organize your trips.
Because being self-employed, micro-entrepreneur, distributor, company director also means professional travels and trips.

Vendi Travels is more than just an agency; it's a creator of your tailor-made travels and trips, both in France and abroad.

In full transparency according to your needs
Our travel expert is here to help you
With the guarantee of high quality partners

Our projects have no limits, how about yours?

Why choose VENDI Travels, the business travel specialist?

Personalize your trips while controlling your budget
Simplify your travels
Secure your movements
Travel in confidence

Calling on VENDI Travels, the specialist in business travel, is the guarantee of a well-organized and secure trip, without any bad surprises.

Your partner in success

Whatever your project, Le Club By can help you:

140+ brands with exclusive discounts in 7 themes: Home and decoration, DIY and garden, Food and local produce, Fashion and beauty, Leisure and culture, Accommodation and well-being, Cars and motorcycles

Professional rates on car purchase and rental,
direct manufacturer

The news of your business by topic

New webinars and events

Professional training at preferential rates

Access to a tax, social, legal and accounting hotline

With FISKA\Group's expertise

13 areas of expertise: accounting, tax and social security, legal, banking, insurance, asset management, administration, document templates, negotiation, real estate, digital communication, concierge services, travel

The world of entrepreneurship is a reality that we know in depth. The day-to-day steps, the choice of statutes, accounting, legal obligations or sales strategies can quickly become difficult to manage. Le Club By puts the success of its members at the heart of its priorities by centralizing expert services in all areas of business management.

Do you need a one-time hand up? More extensive help over several months? Long-term support?

+ More than 140 partner companies

Exclusive discounts and professional rates for members of Le Club By

By joining Le Club By, in addition to our business expertise and business management support, you gain access to a wide selection of exclusive offers and discounts negotiated especially for you, Le Club By members.

Something to treat yourself and improve your purchasing power.

+ de 140 enseignes partenaires

Des remises exclusives et des tarifs professionnels pour les membres du Club By​

En rejoignant Le Club By, en plus des expertises métiers et de notre accompagnement en gestion d’entreprise, vous accédez à une large sélection d’offres et de remises exclusives négociées spécialement pour vous, membres Le Club By.

De quoi se faire plaisir et améliorer son pouvoir d'achat.

In 2021, FISKA\Group continues its support approach by opening the doors of its coworking space with the ambition of offering offices and meeting rooms to students, freelancers, companies and any professional looking for space to work.

Perfectly located on the German border in Saarbrücken, The Place offers a wider range of services by combining autonomy, services and collaboration in a single location.

Appropriate work solutions

Focused on the development of micro-entrepreneurs and independents, The Place offers a modern space for comfortable remote work.

This fully-equipped space, with high-speed network access, offers various areas to better manage your costs according to your needs.

Beyond the costs, working in a coworking space is joining a community where we meet, exchange and create new opportunities.

We are convinced that mutual aid and collaborations are possible between coworkers. Develop your professional network by working at The Place to advance your ideas and develop your projects.

It’s like home but with added comfort. 🤗

The Place: a space dedicated to work

Large spaces, modern furniture, relaxation areas, top-of-the-range equipment… everything has been designed for the productivity, performance and well-being of our coworkers.

The Place also proposes to rent:

Offices in an open space

Individual private offices

Fully-equipped meeting rooms

Professional Associations

FVD - French Direct Selling Association

Founded in 1966, the French Direct Selling Association has become the primary representative body for Direct Sales companies in France, working to develop and elevate this distribution channel. Currently, the French Direct Selling Association has 50 partners and over 130 member companies.

It provides commercial and legal support to its members, leveraging its expertise to foster and enhance the recognition of direct selling activities.

BDD - The German Direct Selling Association

The Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland (BDD), the German Direct Selling Association, was founded in 1967 and represents the economic, political and legal interests of its members. As a major player in the German direct selling scene, the BDD is also responsible for providing information about the direct selling industry and representing it in public relations and the press.

SELDIA - The European Direct Selling Association

Founded in 1968, Seldia represents the Direct Selling industry on a European scale. It unites and represents more than 25 national direct selling associations as well as numerous member MLM companies, in order to federate them and promote exchanges between them. Seldia defends the interests and advantages of direct selling actors before the European institutions.

Banking & Insurance


Established in the local economic fabric and faithful to its cooperative values, Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne is a major player in the economic and social life of the regions.
Thanks to a close human relationship, a short decision-making circuit and a greater digitalization of their offers and services, Banque Populaire offers its individual customers and their families complete banking and insurance services that are accessible online. At the side of entrepreneurs to help them develop and perpetuate their activity.


Quadrivium is the dedicated insurer for direct selling and MLM industries.
Dedicated to direct sales networks for more than 50 years, Quadrivium informs and assists you with your insurance needs related to your activity. With them, you benefit from solutions and advantages negotiated for your full-time or part-time activity.

Travel & Aviation


TourCom has distinguished itself with its adaptability and commitment to member needs over the years. Tourcom is a real player in tourism that adapts and anticipates your needs.


Luxair, the airline company of the Grand Duché de Luxembourg, is based at the Luxembourg-Findel Airport in Senningerberg. Luxair’s activities are diverse: passenger transport, tour operator, business aircraft.

IATA - International Air Transport Association

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a global association of the majority of the world’s passenger and cargo airlines, with nearly 240 members.

The IATA accreditation is a guarantee of quality and security for the client. In order to obtain it, any agency must provide solid financial guarantees. We have obtained the IATA accreditation in order to allow our clients to travel in the best conditions.