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Conscious of the trust you are granting us and always eager to enhance our quality of service, it is essential for us to have privileged relationships with partners, reputed and serious in their field of expertise, who value this profession with the sam passion and philosophy. The complementary of our respective expertise, as well as our competences, make us a unique group.

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The Bundesverband Direktvertrieb Deutschland (BDD), the central organization of German direct sales, was founded in 1967 and has since represented the economic and legal interests of its members. Currently, the BDD counts more than 40 companies. 
Its functions include, among many others, the development of its members direct sales, as well as the press and public relations focused on target groups, which provide information on the particularities and advantages of direct selling. 
Moreover, is the BDD the competence center of the German Direct Sales by providing a wide range of benefits and services.
Founded in 1966, is the Fédération de la Vente Directe the representative body for direct sales in France and acts as a promoting and consulting association. Currently, are 150 companies registered as members.
The FVD offers jurisdictional and commercial support for its group and uses its competences to develop, expand and recognize the activity of direct sales.
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Seldia, the European Direct Selling Association was founded in 1968 and represents the direct sales industry in EU-institutions. Its functions are to promote direct sales to the European institutions 
The Seldia counts 19 companies and 28 national direct selling associations as members.
All Seldia’s members distribute high-quality products, held the highest ethical standards and endorser of the European codes of conduct for direct sales.
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Quadrivium, the insurance company for direct sales and MLM at your disposal !
As an insurer dedicated to direct sales networks for over 50 years, Quadrivium informs and guides you in your insurance needs related to your activity. Benefit from negotiated solutions and advantages for your full-time or part-time business !
Un jour Une vente
UnjourUnevente, the first platform of the recognized cooperation partner of the FVD, as contact mediator between all actors of direct selling (brand, seller, host and customer).
UnjourUnevente is THE partner for your success in direct selling, allowing you to develop your business and your network and gain experience thanks to its Master Class trainings, 100% dedicated to direct sales.
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Meridian Deutschland is a renowned consulting firm... Run by the owners, Renate Staab and her husband Joachim, its mission is to support companies in the global direct selling market, with an extensive service as much nationally, as internationally. 
Through its years of experience and due to its excellent network, is Meridian an expert in the dynamic field of direct sales. 
The company emphasizes its clients success, the securing of businesses and the reinforcement and the development of the industry. Meridian's specialties also range among business counselling, recruitment and mergers and acquisitions.
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Wirtschaftskanzlei Graf von Westphalen
Graf von Westphalen is a German law firm, that is active in all areas of commercial law, on an international scale. GvW is a partnership between attorneys and tax advisers (about 130 professionals). This independent firm is one of the largest in Germany, with branches in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich as well as in Shanghai, Istanbul and Brussels. 
Dr. Markus Knell
Dr. Markus Knell from Graf von Westphalen in Munich, is associate partner for distribution systems law, corporate law, litigation and the Italy Desk. He studied in Würzburg, Padua, Friborg and Trieste.
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