We provide our customers with intuitive, scalable, ergonomic and useful tools.

We know that you are looking for simplified management solutions that facilitate business performance and manage tax and social obligations.

FISKA\Soft, specialized software for direct sales actors

It is a platform designed to create customized e-commerce solutions, integrating back-offices to connect products, customers, and distributors.

FISKA\Soft offers for Direct Sales companies:

A turnkey, white-label solution compliant with French and European legal and tax requirements
Tools for event organization and sales
A personalized back-office for streamlined management, including orders, compensation plans, and commissions
Replicated websites for your distributors, featuring e-commerce solutions to facilitate purchases
We also offer a white-label Intranet to assist your distributors with their fiscal, social, and administrative procedures
With FISKA\Soft, 2 possible configurations:
\\Option 1

FISKA\Soft, your back office and API solution for tax, social and administrative matters.

\\Option 2

With FISKA\Soft, you can replicate websites, use a back office for calculations related to the company’s compensation plan and distribution, and employ an intranet for the fiscal and social management of your distributors.

A genuine turnkey tool that can be customized with features according to your needs.

The tailor-made intranet for Direct Sales distributors
Administrative requests
Calculation of social contributions
Commission statements
Quarterly bills
SEPA exports
Library of documents necessary for its activity
Dashboard with tax milestones, quarterly bulletins and annual reports

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With FISKA\Net, managing your business has never been so easy and efficient!